Salt meadows

Biological monitoring

Salt meadows and high prairies in Quackgrass (photo credit : Cap Atlantique)


A follow-up will be carried out on all the slopes and humps that have benefited from work aimed at restoring the Atlantic salt meadows: uprooting of Baccharis, brush cutting or woodcutting of woody trees, creation of gentle slopes.

This monitoring will consist of mapping Atlantic salt meadows and woody thickets in order to find out their overlap areas. It will also aim to assess the state of conservation of the different salt meadows (low schorre, medium schorre, high schorre, high schorre / dune contact and high prairies in Quackgrass).

The results obtained will be compared with data from the 2019 and 2020 habitat maps as well as those collected before the start of LIFE Sallina.

This monitoring will be carried out between April and July 2023 by the LIFE Sallina team on the Île de  Noirmoutier and will be entrusted to a service provider for the Guérande and Mès marshes and the Millac marshes.

Salt meadows and high prairies in Quackgrass (photo credit : Cap Atlantique)


This monitoring aims to assess the impact of the restoration work carried out on the salt meadows.


Planned completion in 2023


Waiting for follow-up