Restoration of belt ditches in salt marshes

The restoration of the belt ditches of the salt marshes is one of the flagship actions of LIFE Sallina. These ditches are used to collect and evacuate rainwater (and therefore freshwater!) towards the stalls so as not to interfere with the production of salt. Two ditches will be rehabilitated this fall on the Mès basin on the marshes of the La Duchesse in Mesquer and Le Minguen in Saint-Molf. On the Guérande basin, the restoration works will be carried out on “le marais du Roi” in Batz-sur-Mer and “La Croix de Mouzac” in Guérande. This work, which will involve more than a kilometer of ditches, will not only improve the hydraulic functioning of the marsh but also create natural habitats favorable to certain species typical of belt ditches in good state of conservation: amphibians, dragonflies, etc.